Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cedar Rapids, Six Months Later.

This week was the first time I had been back to my hometown of Cedar Rapids since the floods happened.  It has snowed several inches, so my sister and I piled in a Jeep, and she drove me around to the areas that were hit pretty hard by the flooding.  It was so sad to see the heart of downtown, which was just starting to regain some life in it, as empty shells with 'for rent' signs in the windows, or where windows used to be.  Hopefully, with all of the hard work that people are putting in, the life can be put back into it once again.

This building was in an area near downtown.  It looked as though a lot of these businesses just moved out and won't return to the area.

This was a furniture store downtown, right across the street from the Great America Building.  I worked at the GAB durning the summers as an intern during college.

These next few are from the Time Check area...this area was hardest hit.  Some homes were marked for tear-down, some for repair.  Other than the handful of homes that had been renovated, the area was like a ghost town.

"We Will Rebuild"