Sunday, December 21, 2008

Friday Finds!

I love wine.  I love learning about it, I love the smell of it, and most of all, drinking it!  So this week's Friday Finds is dedicated to a few wine finds I've stumbled upon on Etsy.  The first is a seller that takes old wine bottles, flattens them in a kiln, and gives them a new life as a cheese serving platter!  Wine and cheese go great together, so how clever to make a serving tray out of a wine bottle.  And she has even etched this one with a nice design.  The seller is JellyBugArtworks, and she has not only these wine bottle serving trays, but she also makes very pretty glass and gemstone jewelry as well.

Next on my list is 'wine bottle bling' brought to you by sassafrass2.  The holidays aren't over yet!  If you are planning on bringing a bottle or two of wine as a hosts' gift for a New Year's party, this knit cap and scarf is such a cute idea to dress up the wine bottle, and makes your bottle stand out from the bottles in wine gift bags!  Be sure to check out all of sassafrass2's other knit goodies in her store!

Last but not least on my wine-themed list of finds this week is this beautiful balancing wine bottle holder sold by boxes 'n' more.  He has made this piece using two different kinds of wood.  This would definitely be a conversation piece for your kitchen or dining room.  In addition to the wine bottle holder, he has a variety of very nice wood items, such as trinket boxes, wood valets, even earrings!