Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project 2010:365 August 9-15

aug:15 A photo from Miss Lauren's 6 month shoot. I am in love with this image!

aug:14 Ok, seriously, this is perhaps my favorite thing I've eaten all summer. These were so good and so sweet! We ate them plain, with salads, and I roasted some in the oven with garlic, balsamic, and olive oil to put on chicken, bruschetta, toss with pasta...

aug:13 We had a gorgeous lightning storm!

aug:12 Are you in the KC area? Head on out to Art Unleashed on Friday Aug. 27th, and bid on my print!

aug:11 Week 14 of our Farmer's Alliance - Okra (which I have discovered that I DON'T like!), summer squash, melons, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, blackberries

aug:10 Time to head back to KC! I thought it was hot in Iowa, the temp read 82 when I left, by the time I hit KC, the temp read this! Blech!

aug:9 This is my sister's dog, Cody. She's a sweet girl!