Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Project 2010:365 August 2-8

Whew!  I am still trying to catch up!  I went to my home state of Iowa to see my family, including my ridiculously cute 5-year-old nephew.  Sooooo...most of this post is going to be all about him!  

aug:8  This kid could hula-hoop all day long!  Not his Aunt, however.

aug:7  That's cotton candy ice cream (that had gummy bears in it) all over his chin.

aug:6  New haircut!

aug:5  We went to one of those 'paint-your-own-ceramics' places and he painted an airplane!

aug:4  This ice cream was almost as big as he was!  He paused for just a moment to ham it up for the camera

aug:3  Drawing...he looks like he's a lefty, just like his Aunt!

aug:2  This is 'Orange Cat'.  No, really, that's the name that stuck when my parents adopted him!