Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Finds!

Today's Friday Finds is this super cool Silver Cuff Bracelet by The Shag Bag! I actually purchased this for my sister for her birthday, and she loved it! She said that it fit great, and she loved the little floral blossoms that had been stamped into it! Check out her shop for many more colors and designs! Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Etsy Treasury!

This lovely treasury was put together by Brass and features my 'Spring Bloom I' print! I just love the blue and green, such a spring-like combination, and a lot of fun ideas just in time for Mother's Day! Please check out all of the featured artists!

Project 2010:365 April 26-28

apr:28 jicama slaw...seriously tasty stuff!


apr:26 roasted chick peas...delicious (and healthy!) snack!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Etsy Treasury!

Look at this fiery treasury! It was put together by Little Sister Jewelry and features my 'Bubbles of Light' print! I just love all of the colors, it has such a warm energy! Check out all of the featured artists!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dandelion Love

Here are some more images from my 'dandelion shoot' from the other day!

This one was photo of the day on April 21st, I liked it so much I've posted it again! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Project 2010:365 April 22-25

apr:25 My hubby and I went down to the Overland Park Arboretum for a walk, and of course I brought my camera!

apr:24 My tomato plants have already grown a couple of inches!

apr:23 The rain finally broke, and the sun instantly came out!

apr:22 Happy Earth Day! It was POURING in KC, but that didn't stop the students and teachers at the elementary school across the street from our house from planting new trees and bushes! Good for them!

Project 2010:365 April 19-21

apr:21 I know they are weeds, but I love dandelions! I think they are so interesting!


apr:19 He had to take a break from porch gardening. It's hard work, you know.

Porch Farming!

In an effort to know more about where our food is coming from, and to support local farmers, my husband and I decided to join a local CSA last week. We also decided to try our hand at a small garden. Since it's our first attempt, we decided to start easy and to keep it in pots on the porch rather than tear up our yard and then find that we don't exactly have green thumbs!

This is one of four types of peppers we planted. Husband is a HUGE fan of peppers...the hotter, the better!

This is one of two types of tomatoes planted...I have big plans for these! I love me some fresh salsa!

Here is some basil. Basil is SO expensive at the grocery store, hopefully this will last us the entire season, and if there is too much, we can freeze or dry it, and enjoy it throughout the winter months too!

A little cilantro for our fresh salsa...yes, please!

And the 2nd type of tomato plant.

Hopefully this little experiment works out, and we enjoy fresh herbs, peppers and tomatoes all summer long! Next year, maybe we'll attempt to put this and a little more in the ground...maybe! :)

Project 2010:365 April 15-18

Spring theme week continues!

apr:18 We planted our first 'porch garden'! This is my cilantro.




Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Etsy Treasury!

Today's 'Moonshine Madness' treasury was put together by Lilliput Loft, and features my 'Time for a Nap' print! I love all of the black and white mixed with a little blue! And of course, anything that features kitties always gets a smile out of me! Check out all of the featured artists in this treasury!

Friday Finds!

It's Friday! Over the past year, my husband and I have really been getting into cooking at home, trying new foods and new recipes. Would you look at these fun recipe cards, designed by Sparrow Graphic? Looking at that cute little owl would definitely make me smile each time I looked at the recipe! The best part is, this is emailed to you as a digital file, so you can print as many of these as you need for all of your delicious recipes! Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Corrider Canstruction 2010

As I mentioned in my Project 2010:354 post from earlier this week, I was in Iowa last week visiting my family. My sister and I went to the local mall to check out this year's Corrider Canstruction, which was similar to the Canstruction event my husband and I had attended a few months ago. This time, though, companies sponsored each creation, and kids built them! At the end of the week, all of the food will be donated to HACAP to distribute to those in need. Here are my favorites...

Friday Finds!

I love this idea! Chalk Notes makes these cute little 'Seeds of Love/Seeds of Knowledge' gift packs that include a flower pot, a personalized message written on the flower pot in chalk, and seeds to plant. How perfect for Mother's Day, as an end-of-the-year gift for your child's teacher, a hostess gift, housewarming gift...I could go on and on! Check out her shop for more colors, and several other great gift ideas! Have a great spring weekend!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Project 2010:365 April 12-14

It's going to be another theme week! I'm loving this spring weather, and have been taking a lot of spring blooms and blossoms photos, so I thought I'd make it a theme for this week!




Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Project 2010:365 April 5-11

I'm a little behind in my 'Photo of the Day' posts, I had travelled to Iowa to visit my family for a week, and waited until I got back to get these photos up! My sister and I spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying the wonderful Springtime Iowa weather!

apr:11 You may recall the CANstruction my hubby and I went to here in KC? Cedar Rapids, IA held their own this past weekend. The difference was that these creations were built by children! Stay tuned for a full post!

apr:10 My dad is also a photographer, and has many more toys than I do! I borrowed his macro lens for the afternoon

apr:9 Here I am borrowing his 100-400 lens. PS Happy Birthday to my MOM!

apr:8 This is Taz (Tazzy-girl!), she is one of my parents' many cats!

apr:7 No going outside today!

apr: 6 Another cat at the house, Nietzsche!

apr:5 This is the newest addition to my parents' animals, Orange Cat! They didn't know what to name him, so they called him 'Orange Cat' until they decided on one...well, the name stuck!