Saturday, April 24, 2010

Porch Farming!

In an effort to know more about where our food is coming from, and to support local farmers, my husband and I decided to join a local CSA last week. We also decided to try our hand at a small garden. Since it's our first attempt, we decided to start easy and to keep it in pots on the porch rather than tear up our yard and then find that we don't exactly have green thumbs!

This is one of four types of peppers we planted. Husband is a HUGE fan of peppers...the hotter, the better!

This is one of two types of tomatoes planted...I have big plans for these! I love me some fresh salsa!

Here is some basil. Basil is SO expensive at the grocery store, hopefully this will last us the entire season, and if there is too much, we can freeze or dry it, and enjoy it throughout the winter months too!

A little cilantro for our fresh salsa...yes, please!

And the 2nd type of tomato plant.

Hopefully this little experiment works out, and we enjoy fresh herbs, peppers and tomatoes all summer long! Next year, maybe we'll attempt to put this and a little more in the ground...maybe! :)