Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Project 2010:365 July 19-25

jul:25  She sure knows how to work for the camera!

jul:24  Horribly out of focus can sometimes lead to quite pretty!

jul:23  PURPLE potatoes!  They were so pretty!

jul:22  Peaches are now in season!  

jul:21  Our Farmer's Alliance bag this week - green beans, garlic, peaches, tomatoes, zucchini and squash, and purple potatoes

jul:20  A face only a mother can love!

jul:19  'Meatless Monday' - tomato gazpacho.  Trust me when I say it was delish.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project 2010:365 July 15-18



jul:16  This storm cloud was swirling right above our house!

jul:15  Baking day!  Lemon-blueberry muffins (blueberries are in season!) and strawberry muffins (strawberries from my freezer from when they were in season!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New at the Shop!

New prints available at the shop!  Check out 'Purple', 'Good Morning', and 'Peaceful', now available!  Enjoy!

Saturday Morning Etsy Treasuries!

Check out these new treasuries!  The first one is called Orange Circles by Sideprojects Designs and features my 'Bubbles of Light' print.  I'm a huge fan of orange!

Next up is this 'I Heart San Francisco' treasury by Bluebird By Lucie and features my 'I Left My Heart' print.  Of course I love this, I love anything that reminds me of San Francisco!

And finally, This Tender Heart treasury is by Twillypop and features my 'Stairway' print.  It's dark and moody, but also has a glimpse of softness!  

Check out all of these treasuries and all of the talent featured in them!  Have a creative weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Project 2010:365 July 12-14

jul:14  So peaceful.  

jul:13  This little guy hung out with me for part of my HOT walk!

jul:12  What is it??  Broccoli!

Project 2010:365 July 8-11

jul:11  Really bad storms in the morning, but judging by this photo, you'd never know it!

jul:10  Rainy day abstract

jul:9  We try to take over nature, but nature takes it back!

jul:8  Blackberries from our Farmer's Alliance...these were SOOOO good!  I almost went out and planted a blackberry bush right then and there.

Project 2010:365 July 5-7

jul:7  Our first 'harvest' from our porch garden!  :D

jul:6  Abstract with light

jul:5  Apparently the tree in front of our house is a crab apple tree!  This is the first year we've seen anything grow on it!

Project 2010:365 July 1-4

Ok guys, get ready for a series of posts for Project 2010:365!  I've had all of these images sitting in my camera and I'm FINALLY getting around to posting some of them!  

jul:3  It's CORN season!!!

jul:2  Napping Luna


Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Etsy Treasury

Check out this treasury, put together by Passion and Paisley!  It features all things San Francisco, one of my favorite cities to visit!  Included is my 'I Left My Heart'!  Looking through this makes me want to pack my bags and go now!  Check out this treasury, and visit everyone's shop who is featured!  

Friday Finds!

We made it, it's Friday!  Today's find is this great ceramic travel mug, beautifully handmade by A Piece By Denise.  This is a great eco-friendly alternative to using those disposable cups you find at the office or at your favorite to-go coffee house!  They are microwave and dishwasher (yay!) safe, and fits in your car's cupholder!  Check out her shop for more mugs and other ceramic items!  Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

It was a very wet 4th of July, but that didn't stop us from getting to see a great fireworks show!  We huddled under an umbrella, and 'ooooo-ed' and 'ahhhhh-ed' over these:

You can actually see the rain highlighted by the explosions...made them look like they were dripping!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Finds!

Today's Find is Three Tall and Tiny Terrariums by Tortoise Loves Donkey!  Check out her shop for all sort of terrariums, in many different shapes and sizes.  This particular set features a succulent plant in each of the 3 tiny vessels.  And here's a bonus, the plants are organically grown in her sunny state of California!  Just lovely!

Have a happy (and safe!) 4th of July weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Project 2010:365 June Image of the Month

This was probably my favorite meal of the month...chicken gyros topped with taziki sauce, tomatoes, and red onions on homemade whole wheat pita, with a green salad mix from our Farmer's Alliance...delish!

Project 2010:365 June 28-30


jun:29  An apricot from our Farmer's Alliance.

jun:28  Not sure what this little guy is?  He seems to be either going in or out of a cocoon of some sort.