Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Etsy Treasuries!

Wow! It's a day full of treasuries! Today, my work was featured in THREE different treasuries!

First up, is a treasury filled with items that made Gift Designs think of dreamy Sundays, and features my 'Roman Farmer's Market', which was one of my favorite Sunday activities when I was living in Rome!

Next, we have this treasury titled 'English or French' and had me laughing out loud when I saw it! It was put together by Renata & Jonathan and features TWO of my prints, 'Chillaxin' and 'Peeking Dog'. As you can tell, I'm team 'English'!

And finally, this very hip 'Urban Perspective' treasury! This one is a collection assembled by Katy Scudieri and features my print 'Night Perspective'. I love all of the grays and angles in this!

Check out all of these treasuries, and all of the wonderful items featured! Have a great Monday!