Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Finds!

It's Friday!  Today's Friday Finds is this great vintage-inspired print from Keep Calm Shop!  I've seen a lot of versions of this on blogs and on t-shirts, and while I loved what they all said I didn't know where these phrases came from!  So I did a little searching on the interwebs, and discovered that the original was 'Keep Calm and Carry On', and was on a propaganda poster produced by the British government.  Read more on Wikipedia.  

Ok, back to Keep Calm Shop!  This husband/wife team has many different options in their shop, this particular print spoke to me!  Can't imagine why!  ;)  These are meant to inspire us to keep doing the things we love to do!  I think I will 'Snap On'!  Have a weekend full of doing the things you love!


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Ha! Love it! That fits me to a "T"!