Monday, May 10, 2010

Slow Food KC Farm Tour

Saturday was sunny, breezy (slightly cool), and perfect to check out the Miami County, KS farm tour sponsored by Slow Food KC! It was a fun time! Here are a few things we did...

This is Prothe's Pecans, they had acres and acres of pecans! We've never eaten a pecan fresh off of the tree, much better than grocery store ones! There are also many different varieties, which I wasn't aware of...I thought a pecan was a pecan!

Next, we went to Alpacas 'R Diamonds and had a lot of laughs with these guys! (This is a llama, below are alpacas.)

She is spinning the alpaca fur into yarn. It's sooooo soft!

They were such hams for the camera! It actually looks like they are smiling! Of course, they were your best friend if you had alpaca food in your hand!

Feeding the alpaca.

Our last stop was at Somerset Ridge Winery. They have a very small operation, but the wine was very tasty!

Baby grapes!