Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Art Unleashed 2008

I went to the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City's Art Unleashed event this past weekend, where my 'Luna' photo was up for auction.  What a great event!  This was the first year that I had participated.  The amount of people there was insane!  It was such a great turnout, and I was very happy to be able to be a part of it.  The event raised $70,000 for the animals at the Humane Society!

Above is the photo that was auctioned off.  Here's a little background on Luna.  My husband and I were out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant near downtown Kansas City.  It was the middle of winter.  When we came outside, there was this little kitten sitting in the entrance alcove, trying to get out of the cold, and trying to find someone to take her home!  Well, she went over and sat on my husband's feet, and would not let him leave without her.  He picked her up and she nuzzled into him!  Judging by how skinny and dirty she was, it was clear that she did not have a home.  And it looked like she had been hit by a car at some point.  So we wrapped her up in a sweatshirt, took her home and gave her a bath.  She was so excited to be out of the cold that she didn't mind the bath at all!  And, it turns out she was a white cat, not a grey one!  She has since made herself quite comfortable in our home, sleeping on the couch, pestering the other cats, playing with the dogs.  We are happy that she decided to adopt us that night!


Annette Tait said...

so glad that Luna found you - and found her forever home!

what a happy ending!

kind regards, Annette